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Episode 6: 2020 Part 1

Joining us for this episode, is Forrest Burgess, who is the esteemed co-host of one of America’s biggest podcasts. Astonishing Legends started in 2014 and is growing exponentially. It’s covered the most famous and the least known of topics from the disappearance of Amelia Earhart to the mystery of the Betz Sphere. We are delighted to have Forrest along for this ride.

We had plenty of things to talk about this year, even without discussion of the C Word.

So sit back and listen to our meanderings through this years events. Oh and keep an eye out for Part 2 which will air very shortly.

Forrest Burgess
Forrest Burgess
Astonishing Legends

Episode 1: A New Beginning…again

Originally posted in 2016 before the website massively crashed. This is the first episode of Anomaly. It was taken from the Christmas 2015 episode of The Fright Before Christmas.

Featuring, Steve Freestone, Becky Edgley-Cooper, Simon BB and Jamie Stocker.

Talking about: Ghost hunting and conspiracy theories.