Episode 8: Night People – Paul Sinclair

We are lucky enough to have Paul Sinclair back with us. This time we meant to discuss his new book, Night People but as is always the way we caught up on so much more first.

We cannot be prouder to have him on our show. Paul is such a quality investigator, combined with a great personality. It’s a pleasure to speak with him.

Night People is a departure from Truth Proof, which have been the first of his three books. This book recounts paranormal incidents from his own life. Some of them are truly shocking, but all of them are gripping to read.

Night People and the Truth Proof books are available from Pauls website. It can also be purchased from Amazon.

Night People by Paul Sinclair

Episode 7: 2020 Part 2

Finishing off this 2 parter with our special guest Forrest Burgess. We detour massively from 2020 and talk a walk through a field littered with talk of the Kelly-Hopkinsville incident, Alien Hieroglyphics, the secret Apollo missions, and what we think about disclosure in 2021.

Forrest is normally found on the Astonishing Legends podcast over the pond in America. He kindly gave up his time to school us in the art of podcasting. We are super grateful to him for joining us.

Forrest Burgess (right) with his co-host Scott Philbrook
Astonishing Legends

Episode 6: 2020 Part 1

Joining us for this episode, is Forrest Burgess, who is the esteemed co-host of one of America’s biggest podcasts. Astonishing Legends started in 2014 and is growing exponentially. It’s covered the most famous and the least known of topics from the disappearance of Amelia Earhart to the mystery of the Betz Sphere. We are delighted to have Forrest along for this ride.

We had plenty of things to talk about this year, even without discussion of the C Word.

So sit back and listen to our meanderings through this years events. Oh and keep an eye out for Part 2 which will air very shortly.

Forrest Burgess
Forrest Burgess
Astonishing Legends